Founding Attorney

Blair Bopp is a native St. Louisian and attended the University of Missouri - Columbia for both college and law school. In addition to her law degree, she holds bachelor's degrees in Political Science and Psychology, a minor in Sociology, and a certificate in Dispute Resolution.


During law school, Blair served on the editorial board of the Missouri Law Review. In 2015, her case note was selected for publication. Blair interned with both the St. Louis County Prosecutor's Office and the United States Attorney's Office.


Blair previously worked as an Assistant Prosecutor in Greene County, Missouri, and most recently as a traffic and criminal defense attorney serving the Franklin, St. Louis, and St. Charles County areas, as well as the City of St. Louis. She has helped hundreds of clients with matters ranging from simple speeding violations to Class A felony charges, and looks forward to helping you as well.


Bopp Law was established in 2018 with a simple goal in mind: provide exceptional representation at a reasonable, up-front cost.

To Blair Bopp, the foundation of exceptional representation is communication. Too often in her experiences prior to founding Bopp Law, Blair found that a majority of client dissatisfaction came from simply not being able to communicate directly with one's lawyer, or not even knowing the identity of the lawyer handling the case.

Hearing this complaint time and time again inspired the firm's philosophy of easy and open lawyer-client communication. Each Bopp Law client is provided with their lawyer's cell phone number, which they can text for information and updates at no additional charge.

Bopp Law is a full-service modern criminal law firm. In addition to text communication, the firm offers all clients access to the Client Portal. The portal is a superior way to stay on top of all things case-related - court dates, invoices, document sharing, and more.